Classroom Technology

We will use many kinds of technology in this class:

Log On & Log Off
First, you should log on to a computer in a classroom (lab), using your Enterprise ID and PW. If you have any problem related to your ID or PW, you need to talk to the staff in G8 and ask for help. I am sorry I do not have any power to solve the technology problem!
Second, during class, sometimes your computer use will be blocked. However, I think you are mature enough to know what you are expected to do in class with the computer. So, please do not make me use the blocking function too much. Also, I can see you what you are doing on your computer even though I am not physically close to you. I can monitor every single computer in front. I really do not want to be so mean! I need your help :DThird, please LOG OFF when you leave the room. If you do not log off, your files and information will be exposed to somebody else in the following class. Logging off is for yourself and the next user of the computer. If your friend forgets to do it, please remind him or her.


Dropbox is a program that allows you and I to share and upload documents or other files. Most of your assignments will be turned in on dropbox. This youtube video provides more information on how to use dropbox. You will turn in most of your assignments on dropbox. You can download dropbox onto your computer, but sometimes you must upload the file manually. Make sure you can see a file in the web browser, not just the folder on your computer. I must be able to see the file to know you have turned in the assignment. 


All of the materials used for lessons will be on this Blogger. It is a decent idea to bookmark this blog or add it to your favorites. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check what has been covered for the lesson you missed by looking at the blog. If you have a question or concern about a lesson in class, feel free to comment! 


You are not required to use Prezi, but I think it is a great program. You can create your own visual presentations, which would be perfect for the oral presentations we will do towards the end of the semester. 

(Created by Eunice Nam, Adapted by Kathleen Becker)

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