Writer's Help

Writer's Help is our textbook for this class. The book is only online. You must purchase the code to gain access to the book. You cannot share the code with a friend. 5% of your grade will be Writer's Help exercises.

Please put the instructor's e-mail as katbecker22@gmail.com.

You can purchase a key for the book either at the Illini Union Bookstore or online, here. These exercises are graded for credit/non credit. So just worry about doing the exercises, not making mistakes. Please put some time into practicing the material because it is for your benefit. :D

If you are having difficulty understanding how to use Writer's Help, the publisher provides this great resource. You are also very welcome to e-mail me or visit my office hours for more help.

Please purchase the book as soon as possible as we will have our first exercise assignment the 2nd week of class.

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