The Big Ideas

This page serves as a way for you to get the big ideas from each lesson. I will highlight the main points you should know. Be sure to apply them to your writing. This is just the big ideas, so you need to look at powerpoints and handouts to know everything thoroughly.

Thesis Statements
  • NOT a fact
  • Not too narrow
  • Not too wide
  • No "I"

  • Hook
  • Background Information
  • Thesis Statement

  • Restate Thesis
  • Make an appeal to your general audience
  • Clincher

  • Point
  • Illustration
  • Explanation
  • In every body paragraph

  • Compare = same
    • Signal words: similarly, likewise, too, both, and
  • Contrast = different
    • Signal words: however, in contrast, whereas, although, though, but
  • Not all the words, but a guideline to start.

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