Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 2

1. Attendance
2. Diagnostic Test
  • Write the following on the top of your diagnostic in a Microsoft Word document:
    • Name, UIN, netID, ESL 111 C
  • Name the file NETID_ESL111_TTH. For example, my netID is kbecker4, so I would name the file KBECKER4_ESL111_TTH.
  • The file must be named .doc .rtf
  • You must be registered for this course to take the diagnostic.
  • Only use Microsoft Word. No dictionary, no cell phones, only Microsoft Word. 
  • Return the prompt booklet following the test. 
  • Only writing utensils and scratch paper beside you. 
3.  Brainstorming a Topic
  • Ways to come up with a topic
    • Talking
    • Listing
    • Free Writing
    • Clustering
    • Questions
Next Class: Interpreting Writing Prompts and Formal Outlines

Reflection Essay #1, Due next Tuesday, 9/3Every day the paper is late, the credit drops 25%. Please put it in the folder Reflection Essay #1 before class starts.Please name it NetIDReflection1. My netID is kbecker4, so I would name the file kbecker4Reflection1.

What was the most positive writing experience in your academic (school) life, either in your own language or in English? What kinds of events, actions, or help from others, led to such experience? What process did you go through? This essay is not graded for grammar, but quality of content. Please try to write at least two paragraphs.

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