Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 16

1. Attendance
2. Thoughts on paragraphs.
  • Four separate paragraphs. One for each topic: compare/contrast, cause/effect, process, and reflection.
  • Be careful with commas and run on sentences.
  • Remember format.
  • Be careful with word choice.
  • Look at the rubric to give you help. 
3. Review Rhetorical Situations and Persuasive Strategies
Let's take this fun quiz. Not for a grade. 

4. How to do a Rhetorical Analysis Paper
  • First, let's go through this powerpoint. Why is analysis important?
  • Next lets go through your homework you did last class. 
Next Class: Identifying logical fallacies and evaluating persuasive strategies.

  • Your paragraph portfolio is due Thursday,October 25th at 9AM. 
    • The rubric with guidelines is here. 
  • Your reflection paragraph is due Friday, October 18th at 9AM. You may also send it to me earlier through e-mail. 
  • Start working on writing your rhetorical analysis now. Use what we learned today to help you. Your first draft of the Rhetorical Analysis essay will be due November 8th at 9AM
  • For next Tuesday read this article and then fill out this chart. Write a short analysis on the article using these questions.
    • Don't worry about being perfect in your writing. The purpose is to get you thinking

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