Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 18

1. Attendance
2. Turn in your paragraph portfolio on compass
3. Don't be too stressed out!!!
4. Review Logical Fallacies
In groups, find the fallacies in this Santa Claus handout. This handout is a little difficult, but do not worry. The purpose is to get you to see illogical thinking.

5. Evaluating Persuasive Strategies
First, let's go over the guiding questions again together as a class.
Second, let's analyze this essay together as a class.
Finally, let's analyze an opposing perspective in groups.
E-mail what you wrote today to use as your start for a draft of your analysis. 

Next class: Developing Outline and Thesis for Rhetorical Analysis

Start writing an analysis of either essay using the guiding questions. This assignment is for a grade!! Either print it out or turn it into me by hand for next class. 

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