Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 11

1. Attendance
2. Announcements
  • Discuss Papers
  • Grades, grade discussion manners.
  • Draft of Compare/Contrast paragraph due today. Did you write a paragraph?
3. Cause/Effect 
-Watch this youtube video. What was the cause and effect? Discuss it with your neighbor.
-Sometimes cause and effect are more complicated, but still important to understand.
-Watch this video. Can you think of the cause and effect? What about contributing factors? ---Discuss it with your neighbor. Fill out the contributing factors sheet with your neighbor.
-Now, lets each make a star chart with the cause and effect of Facebook. I will give you a copy of the star chart now.
-Let's practice making cause/effect sentences with this chart
-Now using what you learned, write a paragraph with cause and effect. Tell me what happened in the youtube video using cause and effect signal words from the chart.

Next Class: Cause/Effect, APA In-text citations

A draft of Cause-effect is due a week from today on Tuesday, October 8th.
Please name it netidCauseEffect and put it in the cause/effect folder in the paragraph portfolio folder on dropbox. This draft must be a paragraph.

Didn't read the article last class? Read it for class next time. Click here.

Writer's Help Exercise: Idioms

Suggested Reading: Writer's Help on Cause/Effect

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