Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 10 9/26

1. Attendance
2. Discuss Survey responses.
3. Introduce new sections of course website.
4. Turn in your essay today!
5. Discuss Compare/Contrast article.
-Instead of the one assigned let's read this one.
-Fill out organization worksheets together. Look for one point to compare and contrast. 
6. Paraphrasing

Write a paraphrase with a partner in a blank microsoft word document.

-Original Passage:
The Champaign Police Department issued a press release stating they will have extra officers on patrol over Halloween weekend, focusing their efforts on the University of Illinois Campus. Chief of Police R.T. Finney stated in a press release, “These officers are specifically deployed to prevent campus attacks, but will identify, apprehend and arrest those who come to campus with the intent of preying on innocent victims.” The police department also issued safety tips for people on Halloween, stating to be aware of surroundings, stay in well-lit areas, walk confidently, follow gut instincts, be secure, be aware and to not travel under the influence. 

Next Class: Cause and Effect
Writer's Help Exercise: Misused words
Don't forget your Compare/Contrast paragraph is due next Tuesday. Please put it in the dropbox folder named Compare/Contrast.

Read this article for next class.

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